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EDULAB - Student Consultants

Are you ready to take your educational pursuits to the next level? At EDULAB, we understand that the right guidance and expertise can make a world of difference in your academic and career journey. Our team of experienced education consultants is here to help you achieve your goals.

Best Student Consultancy Firm in Sylhet

EDULAB - Student Consultancy Firm in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Our motto is that the student comes first. We work hard to ensure that students get the best help and the right information about study choices. We are working to become the leading Student Consultancy Firm in Sylhet, Bangladesh and we offer educational services to students who have the desire and intention to study in internationally well-reputed institutions in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Denmark. Our main objective is to ensure that our students and clients are given the best opportunity to lay a solid foundation for their future careers.

Edulab's core activities lie in assisting students to make the right choice concerning pursuing education in overseas educational institutions and providing students with all the prerequisites for this, including IELTS training courses also Edulab offers OTHM Courses. We understand that people come from different educational backgrounds and may have different needs and concerns. Our dedicated mentors, teachers, and counselors are always at hand to ensure that we give our students and clients the best possible training, advice, and guidance throughout their touch at Edulab. At Edulab we aim to provide the highest standard of academic instruction and immigration advice. Although we are growing in size, we still retain a personal service to our clients.

Over the years, we have succeeded and we look forward to more successes in the coming years. We, therefore, invite you to join us so that you may share in our wonderful experience. At Edulab you can be assured that our training and advice will be of the highest standard and will be delivered in a friendly atmosphere.

However, If you have already decided to go abroad for higher education or would like to explore the possibilities of such opportunities, you are invited to visit us for a cordial discussion.

CEO Speech From EduLab

Welcome to EduLab. I hope you find the information here relevant and useful to you. Edulab is a Bangladesh based company specialized in education consultancy and English Language training courses services. With a strong commitment to the professional development of our teaching staff, counselors and excellent links to the wider community, I can strongly say that your experience with us would be great.


Jahid Hasan Talukdar

Chief Executive Officer

Since 2018, we are working hard to build up a strong relationship within our partner institutes in abroad which helps us to assure genuine guidance to our students and their parents.

By focusing on our core strengths, we believe we retain uniqueness when compared with other companies. Each member of our team has substantial, practical experience of their field and, between us, our range of experience is as broad as it is deep. We make absolutely certain that clients we work with receive a personal, tailored service and we never take on more assignments than we can handle every client we work with receives the full attention they deserve.

We recognize the importance of maintaining close client relationships throughout the duration of an assignment and beyond. It is in forming these partnerships that we are able to understand fully the complexities of each individual assignment and to respond with a bespoke solution. We do not believe in the 'one size fits all' approach.

If you have already decided to go abroad for higher education or would like to explore the possibilities of such opportunities, you are invited to visit us for a cordial discussion.

Managing Director speech from EduLab

Welcome to Edulab Consultancy , an independent Consultancy Firm providing education, Student consultancy services. Edulab are leading experts in assisting international students with their applications to study in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Estonia and Denmark. Edulab offers a highly personalised free professional services for students who are looking to secure a place at a university and/or college in other countries, whether to study for an English language course, or for undergraduate or postgraduate degree.


Raihana Talukder Bely

Head of Administration

I feel that studying abroad is a very important decision and one wrong advice may lead students to end up on a wrong course at a wrong university. Depending on your education we help you gain an offer for an English language course, a foundation degree, Bachelors degree, Masters degree. NEC has many strong links with universities across the world. Once you know the course, Edulab can find the right university.

Proper environment, with a team of expert and experienced counsellors and above all professionalism are key components for Edulab to become the leader in this sector.

I, on behalf of Edulab I take pride in offering you the best of services and career guidance as you look ahead in life for professional studies at an overseas destination. Edulab will assist you in every possible aspect and ensure that from the time you visit their office till you land in your desire country, you will be provided with all the assistance that you require.

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